According to the IBM Smarter Workforce Study “84% of employees in Best Performing Organizations are receiving the training they need compared with 16% in the worst performing companies” Even though customer service training has the potential to increase customer satisfaction and teach employees important client handling skills, it is often overlooked in favor of technical skills and communications training. This type of formal training can be hugely beneficial to a company, as by definition, as it seeks to enhance the ways businesses serve their customers. This expanded knowledge and skills base directly translates to organizational growth in many facets, from customer interaction to bottom line profits.

Consider the following major areas of impact that Arctech Accelerate Customer Service Training can deliver for your organization:

Higher Employee Motivation and Engagement: Customer service training decreases the disassociation many employees feel between their work and what their contributions mean to the success of the organization as a whole. Training investment demonstrates that organizations are committed to the professional development of their employees, which thereby increases engagement and motivation among the workforce.

Improved Customer Service Skills: The most fundamental purpose of all training is to increase knowledge and acquire new skills, standardization of which forms the basis of organizational behavior. Training employees on the same set of competencies gives them a uniform process to deal with customers and increases team cohesion.

Increased Customer Satisfaction: The most obvious result from increasing training in customer service is that client’s will be happier with the overall interaction between them and staff. Additional knowledge and skills enable employees to more effectively meet customer expectations and resolve any service issues amiably, increasing trust and appreciation.

Rising Profits: Also according to the IBM Smarter Workforce Study “71% of CEO’s cited human capital as a key source of sustained economic growth”, and no where is that more evident then in the direct relationship between business and customer. Higher quality customer service inevitably leads to higher retention, referral rates, reduced turnover and increased sales.

Although the relevance of customer service will vary by company according to their unique products, services, industries, companies and customers – there is always an opportunity for improvement. Every employee must be able to interact with a multitude of personalities and characters, while at the same time reflecting their organizations values and core culture. This is no small feat even for the most efficient company; luckily Arctech Accelerate is here to help.