Microsoft Office Specialist

International success

MOS certification is a global phenomenon. All around the world, in dozens of countries, people are getting certified through Certiport.

International student has life changing experience through MOS certification

Jordanian student Layan Daghash was one of 150 student finalists representing 48 countries competing in the 2016 MOS World Championship in Orlando, Fla. Layan shares how earning Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification is helping her achieve her goals to become a physician and a “World Changer.”

Why certify? Students tell their stories

A job on the spot

Cory Bolles won the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship three years ago. As he traveled home he was offered a tech job at the airport (he was only 14!). Watch this video to see how certification leads to employability.

Success stories

Placing 3rd in the MOS competition in Park City, Utah, was a tremendous experience for me. I learned so much from these courses and certification exams that I never could have from college alone. These certifications and the competition have become huge résumé boosters for my future as I have since been hired by Microsoft.

-Ryan Miguel

I graduated with five certifications and got a great job only three months out of college with great pay and benefits.

-Nicole Sizemore

My MOS certification made it easier and quicker to write papers and do presentations in college

-Miranda Hill