Today’s organisations demand charismatic and inspiring leaders to face the dynamic challenges of the modern economy. Individuals who can develop rapport with their subordinates while demonstrating an adherence to the organisation’s core values. At Arctech Accelerate the Leadership Training and Certification will deliver the necessary skill development to capitalise on those traits, and will result in many organisational benefits such as:

Increase Productivity: Consistent leadership activities by management can, in fact, raise the productivity level of the general employees. At its most fundamental level leadership involves two very different but equally important facets – first the leader must understand their group on an empathetic emotional level, and then direct that group towards an overall goal, generally by example. Leadership training encompasses the refining of those emotional intelligence skills in order to effectively communicate with and intuitively understand other employees.

Reduce Turnover: The vast majority of employees who are willingly leaving an organisation are not actually leaving because of general job conditions or for career development – they leave because they are fleeing ineffective leaders. This turnover is extremely costly to organisations both in human capital as well as time, and can be almost entirely eliminated by ensuring that leaders have the necessary skills and knowledge to acknowledge and manage employees concerns, expectations, and development.

Develops Future Organisational Leaders: Without strategic management of the leadership recruiting process, management and leader positions are often given to people with the most dominating and persistent personalities. While those two traits are not in themselves entirely negative, it can result in individuals taking positions they are not well suited for.

Increased Engagement: The majority of employees that receive performance feedback weekly are highly engaged compared to those who have monthly or quarterly. Having leaders that actively seek to communicate with their employees directly results in those employees becoming more invested in their work and environment.

Reinforce Culture: Organisational culture is generally created and reinforced from the top down. By training leadership candidates in the presentation and engagement of organisational values, it encourages them to actively implement those behaviours and norms that the company desires – at the ground level. This demonstrates to employees the importance of the companies culture to the higher management, as well as it provides new employees with personas to emulate and look up to.

Improved Problem Solving: Leadership training results in better decision making because emotional intelligence gives leaders greater perspective and insights to make intelligent, informed business choices.