IC3 Digital Literacy Certification

IC3 Digital Literacy skills for today, certification credentials for tomorrow

Technology has become a part of our everyday lives and understanding how to function in environments that require the use of computers and the Internet is more critical now than ever before. The constant use of computers and mobile devices by today’s student does not equate with possessing the basic skills needed to obtain a job or be successful in college, and in today’s market, these are the most demanded skills required by hiring managers. Arctech Accelerate’s IC3 Digital Literacy Certification, available through our partnership with Certiport, is a computing skill and digital literacy certification that proves the credential holder has the computer skills needed to succeed in entry-level business settings and college courses. It sets the foundation of knowledge that empowers students, employees, and entrepreneurs to succeed in environments that encompass the use of computers and the Internet.

Leveraging and showcasing the IC3 Digital Literacy Certification

Employers across the globe are beginning to recognize the IC3 Certification credentials as a competency test in digital abilities. Your best bet for getting a job is to have verified skills in the use of computers and the Internet. The IC3 Digital Literacy credentials provide a gateway to future employment. These credentials also provide the foundation for more advanced computer certifications that further your professional development and career advancement. While many applicants may simply mention that they have computer skills on their resume, the IC3 certification demonstrates to employers that you have the necessary computer ability and knowledge for a given job, as objectively measured by an industry standard program.

IC3 Certifications

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