Customer Service Training & Certification

The Arctech Accelerate Customer Service Training Course is an industry standard and is designed to teach your staff about the importance of managing customer relations, creating a culture of customer accommodation, important computer skills, and enhancing the client experience. By investing in these skills through an Arctech Accelerate Training Course, your organization prioritizes the customer’s needs and focuses on delivering the kind of quality service that the modern market demands from every business. Not only does every interaction between employee and customer affect the number of customers retained, but employees with effective customer service skills gain both increased cultural cohesion and employee engagement.

Arctech Accelerate’s Customer Service Training Course covers the following learning topics:

  • Employee Empowerment and the Customer Service Workplace: teaches skills that enable a Customer Service Worker (CSW) to operate in the modern workplace, attitude and norm enforcement, and emotion management.
  • Duties and Responsibilities of Quality Customer Service: learning the requirements of serving the clients directly including situation assessment, establish rapports, and work confidently among those of a diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Service Skill Sets: needs management, problem solving, communications flow, and more skills that enable workers to effectively and efficiently multitask, manage time, and network.
  • Customer Service Career Roles: an in depth analysis of the opportunities available across the approximately 2.5 million customer service related careers in North America.

Tailor your customer service Training Course to fit your exact business needs by supplementing these soft skills with the technical knowledge needed to capitalize on your businesses brand. Through taking advantage of Arctech Accelerate’s complementary grant writing services, and the opportunities available through our private equity fund – companies now gain access to this professional development at no cost to them!