Business Communication Training & Certification

Effective and multilateral business communications are imperative to the functioning of your modern company. Mismanagement of this key area will result in operations failures, declines in customer retention, and employee dissatisfaction. The Arctech Accelerate Business Communications Training and Certification Course is an intensive program centering on teaching interpersonal skills and internal organizational correspondence. This course also covers essential soft skill areas such as presentation delivery, image management, and brand awareness. Software certifications can maximize your companies potential and are available according to your unique needs, focusing on the technical aspects of data storage, organization, and transmission.

Your employees will cover the following key areas of business communication in their training course:

  • Communication Forms: an analysis of the modes and formats of modern communications, including the differences between digital and print media, their delivery forms and the elements of verbal communication.
  • Knowing Your Target Market: this section of the course is on the elements of communication relevant to tailoring your messaging to your audience as an integral part of brand management, narrative control, and technical aspects of demographics analysis.
  • Listening To Your Customers: through the use of audience feedback, employees can leverage effective listening skills to increase their positive response rates and promote constructive dialogue with your customers and stakeholders.
  • Information Transmissions: here the technical aspect of managing information flows are discussed such as data management, digitization, and medium of choice.
  • Verbal Communication and Speaking with Customers: techniques and tips for the preparation and presentation of information, effective language and diction, and memory aide.
  • The Visual Impression: this unit focuses on the presentation and perception of non verbal communications, such as elements of brand management, professional attire, and body language.

By leveraging our unique market position through our instructor led courses and Certiport Authorised testing center, we ensure the highest level of service quality available, encouraging discourse between our small class sizes and expert instructors. Capitalize on the globally recognized certifications available through Arctech Accelerate, and your organization will receive industry leading training in the essential skills required to grow your workforce’s information and communication management capabilities.