Many editors prefer to work on their projects through Adobe Premier. There are many reasons for this trend, including because of the seamless integration between Adobe Premier and all other Adobe Suite video and audio tools. This software program has had over 50 new features added to it since the Premier Pro release in 2013, including the console commands, keyboard shortcuts, and new panels. For added editing functionality, you can often find Premiere Elements software bundled with Photoshop Elements, in fact Adobe Certified User courses are often offered congruently.

One of the most popular features in Adobe Premier is the outdoor haze removal feature, which was originally an Adobe Photoshop feature. This allows the editor to adjust the environmental or atmospheric conditions present in the raw video, tweaking the definition for distance and cloud lighting, and be corrected either automatically or manually. An additional feature that is highly requested in Adobe Premier training courses is the Remix feature, which helps you blend the different lengths of audio files with the audio from the original video capture. This reduces the occurrence of abrupt sound cut offs or inconsistent fades. The Remix feature in Adobe Premier identifies loops, transitions, and important parts of the music and determines what to add, delete, shorten, or extend to meet your requested length.

In addition, Adobe Premier simplifies video editing for amateur editors and hobbyists through its consolidated program Adobe Premier Elements. Don’t let the consumer-level classification fool you, Premiere Elements is a innovative and efficient software platform for creating high-quality videos. Adobe Premier is meant to compete with other top video editing software programs such as Final Cut Pro, Corel Video Studio, and Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. Its important to note that features like the fan favorites Haze Removal and Face Detection, are still available in the consumer market software.