Nothing will surpass the ability find the perfect angle, or the perfect lighting with the human eye — but Photoshop has enabled photographers to expand their abilities and push the horizons of photography an unprecedented software platform for them to create with.

Adobe Photoshop bridges the gap between digital and film photography. Enabling you to choose a variety of augmentations and enhancements to your original piece, people can create images that are truly unique from anything else. Once you start using the Photohop software, you will consistently use it for everything, according to Photoshop Hall of Fame accredited photographer Dave Cross. Dave is a Adobe Photoshop Certified Instructor in Adobe Photoshop CS6, and has used the software for over 25 years. He sees software certification as an essential tool in any photographer’s arsenal. He runs Dave Cross Workshops in his own studio/workshop space in Tampa, FL. Over the last 13 years, Dave has taught Adobe Photoshop in every state in the United States, throughout Canada and in Europe, consistently earning rave reviews.

Adobe Photoshop is also extremely useful for providing a safety net in high activity or intense shoots. It allows the photographer to focus more on capturing a broader quantity of images. Instead of focusing on creating the perfect image one at a time, they can now work from a larger bank of images and refine the images in the editing stage of production. By taking a Photoshop course and acquiring an Adobe Photoshop Certification a photographer leverages their soft skills in editing and production in order to alleviate the stresses and restrictions of shoots in the field.

Photoshop and its related software training will also allow any photographer to drastically reduce their turnover time between shoots, enabling them to get back out in the field on another project. Adobe Photoshop Certification and software training will teach anyone the key elements editing time reduction such as important muscle-memory-based Photoshop shortcuts for your keyboard, encouraging the work smarter not harder philosophy. Photoshop training also encourages familiarization and personalization of the short-cut interface, helping photographers personalize their photoshop interface to their individual needs.