Adobe Indesign is a vector based program which is rastor based and uses pixels, however the main advantages of InDesign include master pages, support for Retina, the Quick Response code generator, EPUB enhancements and much more. The Adobe Creative cloud has made the pricing of Adobe software much more accessible, and further adds to the ability to cut the costs of design.

There are several ways that taking an Arctech Accelerate Training and Certification course in Adobe InDesign, here are a couple areas of impact for your consideration:

  1. Cut Costs: outsourcing your design work to a individual or firm is a costly and uncertain process. No only are you paying these parties by the hourly labor costs, you are by their nature dealing with a group who’s interests are in taking as long as possible to deliver. By integrating Adobe InDesign into the suite of programs your employees are familiar with – you can bring those skills in house and cut the expenses!
  2. Productivity: Understanding InDesign will not only mean handling many projects in house, but boost your ability to deliver on publications in a multifaceted manner. You will be able to easily handle multiple pages, create book and magazine layouts, and even add video and export interactive PDF files.

Through an appreciation for the intricacies of the Adobe Software Suite, your staff will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to keep your company competitive in the modern publishing industry. Consider enrolling your staff in an Arctech Accelerate Training and Certification Course in Adobe Indesign today!