As the most popular vector illustration program in the world, Illustrator is second nature to the majority illustrators and icon designers. Since Illustrator’s debut in 1988, it has built a legacy of features, and now sits as one package within the Adobe Creative Cloud. Vector graphics are scale-able images that can be sized as small or as large as you need them to be, and still maintain their resolution and clarity. This Adobe Suite program can be used for a variety of design and creative functions for companies such as logos, buttons, info-graphics, Facebook Items, media kits, business cards, and presentations. It uses a combination of layer formatting and art-boards at the core of its work-flow engine. As recently as October 2017 the program has rolled out exciting new features including the Puppet Warp tool, multiple art-board selection, and new Variable Font support.

These features lead to a text quality, layout and creative potential in Illustrator is superior to many similar programs such as Inkscape, Vectr, Fatpaint, or LibreOffice Draw. Compared to these other programs, Illustrator has a much greater market share, and is competitively priced. It is a standalone product that is also compatible and complimentary with other Adobe Suite programs such as Premier and Photoshop, enabling designers and media producers to export files across programs.

Arctech Accelerate’s training course will teach employees the knowledge they need to capitalize on the features and tools available through Illustrator’s advanced design platform. Through a innovative instructor led program – each employee will gain the skills to create and edit vector images, and apply these to real world projects such as promotions material, advertising, and graphic design. Ensuring the premium quality of our service delivery is the highest priority for Arctech Accelerate, so rest assured that you will recieve the gold standard treatment.