Adobe Dreamweaver is an excellent platform for designing and implementing code changes to any professional website. It is an extremely user friendly software program that allows web designers to easily construct and edit advanced code more efficiently. Before rushing out and taking a software training course in Adobe Dreamweaver, consider these popular features in the program:

Code Highlighting: In order to quickly scan code and fix errors, and is extremely useful when a website uses a mix of various codes in a single page. The Dreamweaver code highlighting tool allows you set highlights that differentiate between HTML, CSS, Javascript etc, by color for easy visual recognition.

Code Suggestion: Another really helpful efficiency tool is Dreamweavers’s code suggestion feature. As you type a code tag it will list the available tags allowing you to key in the first letter of a tag, then select a desired tag from a the list. This is especially useful for those who are just learning coding for the first time, as code suggestion allows designers to write code at a much higher rate, and prompts easy to remember shortcuts.

Adobe Dreamweaver Templates: As site size increases, and designers work on ever increasing levels of complexity, a fantastic method of improving turn around is to set up a Dreamweaver template. This allows a web creators to make a single page with the structural functionality and interface design that is desired across the entire site, and to save this as a template for any future work. This drastically decreases the amount of time necessary to create any additional pages to the site.

Content Management System Support: The most effective method of managing an extremely large site is to work within the content management system instead of creating and uploading each individual page and upload it to verify the changes. Now web designers can work within the frameworks of systems like WordPress and Joomla to populate new information from their databases in real time.

All of these features are covered extensively in the Adobe Dreamworks training courses offered by Arctech Accelerate. Here prospective coders can receive an Adobe Certified User designation along with all the necessary support to teach them how to turn their web dreams into reality.