Adobe Certified Associate

Advance your CREATIVE skill-set by becoming an Adobe Certified User

As the worlds premier designing software, the Adobe Creative Suite, and its corresponding Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) designation, is a gold standard in industries such as cinematography, graphic design, print and digital media, and web development. At Arctech Accelerate, you can now begin your professional development journey by becoming an Adobe Certified Associate in the most in demand programs such as Premier, Dreamweaver, Animate, and Photoshop – pick just one, or do them all! Complimented by our advanced pre and post assessment testing system, interactive Gmetrix practice exams, and expert instructors, Arctech Accelerate has created comprehensive software training courses in partnership with industry leader Certiport. Take advantage of this opportunity by bundling your Adobe Certified Associate training with any other software or skills certification offered by Arctech Accelerate!

Activate your creative potential with the Adobe Certified Associate ( ACA) designation

The Adobe Certified Associate designation is an important career investment for creative development professionals. It allows designers, innovators and creative specialists to approach their tasks and projects in new ways. From an employers perspective, the Adobe Certified Associate credentials validate an employee’s skills and demonstrate their command of important knowledge. As the job market continues to change and evolve, your ACA certification is the evidence that you can use the tools that change and evolve with it. If you’re ready to start forging your path, an ACA Certification is the perfect foundation for success.

  • Adobe Certified Associates earn on average 15% more at base salary than non-certified users.
  • An Adobe Certification increases productivity and time management from new techniques.
  • Improves hiring and employment management decision making.
  • Receiving more than one certification creates complimentary skill sets.
  • Industry recognition and skill demonstration of the latest technology.
  • Motivation and staff retention by increasing employee engagement.

ACA Certifications

Adobe Dreamweaver (1) Adobe Flash (1) Adobe Photoshop (1) Adobe Premiere Pro (1) Adobe Illustrator (2) Adobe InDesign (1) Adobe Animate (1)

ACA digital badges

When you earn one of the ACA certifications listed here you will be notified about the availability of a corresponding ACA digital badge. Use your ACA digital badges to tell potential employers, academic institutions, colleagues and peers about your ACA credentials.

"Becoming certified in Adobe ACA has helped me in my work for major educational projects in the city. I have certified more than 100 teachers and 600 students from different schools. My certifications have helped me to demonstrate my skills in handling the software and to improve my working conditions."

-Laura Hincapie Gil, Madellin, Columbia

"Getting my ACA certification has made all the difference in my education and my career! Because I was trained early on, I was able to attend Full Sail University with confidence. I received my BS in Digital Art and Design. It was a dream come true attending that college and it wouldn’t have been possible without dedication and a natural talent that came with being trained through ACA certification. I’m currently starting my own business."

– Michael Gribbin, Post Falls, Idaho