An innovative trendsetter in software development and training in the country’s beautiful capital of Ottawa, Ontario, Arctech Accelerate is an industry leader in quality service and product delivery. We believe in building a platform for organizational growth through an employee development model, by providing individuals and companies with the tools and resources they need to ensure that every person is operating at their highest possible capacity. To succeed with our progressive professional development focus we have partnered with other trendsetters, such as Certiport, to access world-class software certifications in programs such as Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, and many, many more. Certifications and training in these software programs form the foundation of the modern workplace and are essential skills and knowledge for any professional.

As a team of young professionals, we are dedicated to building the workforce of tomorrow by investing in employee(s) development today. In the modern dynamic and constantly evolving market – every person needs to be able to adapt rapidly to new challenges and face them head-on. At Arctech Accelerate, we strive to give every individual the ability to do just that, thereby reinforcing the foundations of every business’s growth and success. We offer our training in both hard skills such as IT and software programming, but also target the equally important fields of business development, entrepreneurship, leadership, and customer service. Whether it is laying a knowledge base for developing a brand new skill, or advanced refinement of an existing one to further your career, Arctech Accelerate has a certification program to fit your unique needs. Our customizable training packages will allow you to address any requirements that set you apart from the rest of the crowd.

We focus on excellence in service delivery through our innovative instruction techniques, as well as ensuring that every person has all the support and resources they require by limiting class sizes. This allows us to focus on each individuals learning experience, creating an educational environment that is both engaging and encourages interaction with the instructor. Our commitment to quality service is absolute, we take pride in our company and when you choose Arctech Accelerate you will see why.